Treating Your Eye Infection & Red Eye

Healthy eyes are white, pain free and not sensitive to bright lights.

Do you have a RED EYE?  a PINK EYE?  or  ITCHY EYES?

We can help…no referral necessary.

If your eye is suddenly painful, itchy or excessively sensitive to bright lights you may have an eye infection or eye inflammation.


What causes conjunctivitis?
Conjunctivitis is an inflammation / swelling of the conjunctiva.  The conjunctiva is the thin transparent layer of tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye.  The main cause of conjunctivitis is a virus.  Very few conjunctivitis’ are bacterial.

Often called “pink eye,” conjunctivitis is a common eye disease, especially in children.  It may affect one or both eyes.  Some forms of conjunctivitis are highly contagious and can easily spread in schools and at home.  While conjunctivitis is usually a minor eye infection, sometimes it can develop into a more serious problem.

A viral or bacterial infection can cause conjunctivitis.  It can also develop due to an allergic reaction to air irritants such as pollen and smoke, chlorine in swimming pools, ingredients in cosmetics, or other products that contact the eyes, such as contact lenses.  Sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea are less common causes of conjunctivitis.

People with conjunctivitis may experience the following symptoms:

  • A sandy / gritty feeling in one or both eyes
  • Itching or burning sensation in one or both eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Discharge from one or both eyes
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Pink discoloration to the whites of one or both eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to light

As doctors we always assess the health of your eyes as a routine part of our eye examinations and as a result we diagnose eye disease in 15% of the patients we see.

Optometrists commonly diagnose and treat eye infections and inflammations with eye drops that they prescribe.

The doctors at this clinic use clinical experience and sound judgment when prescribing eye medications that will provide you with relief.


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