Eye Exercise Kit

Use the C-Rod for 5 minutes a day to exercise your eye muscles.  Please visit www.c-rodtechnologies.com


There are three Oculomotor skills: 1) Saccadic Eye Movements (fast eye movements), 2) Fixation (holding a focus on one spot), 3) Pursuits (tracking an object in motion).  Eye muscles move by signals from your brain.  Everyone can enhance their oculomotor skills with six eye exercises for five minutes a day.

Understanding how to enhance eye movement skills such as speed of reaction time, eye muscle endurance, eye co-ordination, accommodation and convergence skills – is a facet of eye care that is at the very core of optometry.  To help children with poor reading skills, athletes, people working on a computer or playing eSports and persons suffering from post concussion vision problems – we recommend the C-Rod as a low cost home use eye exercise kit that can be used by anyone.  Six eye exercises – five minutes a day.

We encourage people who purchase the C-Rod to first have a full eye examination and a baseline oculomotor examination.  A retest after doing the exercise program for 30 days will measure the improvements you achieve.  EVERYONE who uses the C-Rod will have measurable improvement.  People with a concussion will initially have difficulty doing the six eye exercises but will have notable reduction of their concussion symptoms and will recover 4x faster than if they do nothing but rest.  Physical therapy clinics are starting to issue the C-Rod to their concussion patients and so are we.


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