Eye Examinations

In General…

While many of our patients elect to have an eye examination every year, the Canadian Optometric Association recommends an eye examination every two years for healthy adults age 20 to 64 – not only to detect and diagnose vision changes or problems – but to also maintain eye health.  Most eye diseases are silent – you do not know you have a problem until we discover the problem. For example: glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachments and macular degeneration can all be present without you knowing it.  If you see it before we do it may be too late!  The earlier we detect a problem the better chance we have at preserving your sight.  Our general eye examinations often include retinal imaging and visual field analysis to detect eye problems not visible to the examining doctor.  Our clinic uses advanced technologies for better detection and your protection.

All of our doctors can prescribe eye medications for infection, inflammation and glaucoma.

As An Adult

Your examination will examine the physical attributes of your eyes and your functional visual status.  What will seem very straight forward to you is in fact a very complicated and indepth line of thinking and analysis for every step along the way.  We listed to what you say and how you say it.  Your history and chief complaint often defines the path of testing and analysis as does your needs (work, school, play, day to day living).  It is not uncommon for us to find an anomaly that reques advanced testing to determine why you see what you see and to explain structural changes to your eyes.  You can “google” what an eye examination entails, but from a doctor’s point of view, you are a unique human being – an individual with a unique set of eyes and vision development.  Your tasks in life are unique and so too are your vision requirements.  Your genetics and medical history are unique and because of that, our focus on your eyes’ structure and function will be unique to you.  Herein lies the challenge and the pleasure of every eyexamination we get to perform.  Most adults do well with a general eye examination every two years.  Some, depending on the complexity of their circumstance, require an annual eye examination.  Some every three months depending on their eye’s health status or the medications they take for other health concerns.

As A Child

Our visual sytem develops during the first eight years of our life.  We all have “milesones” we are supposed to achieve.  Up until grade four we learn to read.  At grade four we read to learn.  A small percent of children will have a “lazy eye”.  Children’s vision is a complex examination that is made to look easy and enjoyable for the child.  But with every step, the optometrist is gathering and assessing information to be sure your child can function visually in the school system and in day to day life.  Children should have an eye examination as they enter the school system, and every year until their eyes reach adult status (age 25).  Having an eye examination at grade 4 is a must.

As A “Mature Adult” (Senior)

Once you reach the age of 65 you require an eye examination every year.  Even if you are healthy, we must watch for glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, cataracts, macular degeneration and a lot more.  As you age so will your eyes.  Our analysis of your retina is critical as it is the only part of your body where we can see the arteries and veins and nerves working – everywhere else they are covered by skin and not visible.  Not all age related eye diseases are curable but their early detection and diagnosis leads to early treatment and a better chance of control.  Be sure to have your eyes examined at least every year.

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