Continuity Of Care

At the Downtown Vancouver Optometry Clinic we believe in the continuity of care.  Returning patients enjoy being greeted by a familiar face who remembers your name.  When you sit in the examination chair you see the same doctor who knows your eyes, your medical and ocular history, your family history and the unique things that are particular to your eye health and vision needs.  If you see the fellow doctor in our clinic you have an active file that is organized and has a template that quickly brings the fellow doctor to speed on your history.  If yours is a complicated case, then there is a very real chance that we have already consulted with each other about your care.

In our exam room the patient and doctor share a familiarity that enhances the examination experience.  If we were to meet on the street or a social setting we might not know each other in the same way, but in the exam room we know each other well.  It’s a funny thing, but ask any doctor whose career is in one place with a familiar patient base and he or she will tell you the same thing — continuity of care translates to better care.


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